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Alexander V.Mogilco «Themes»
Права: Композитор — Могилко Александр Валентинович

01. Rainy Eyes (2nd edition) (written under impression from film -Autumn in New York-)
02. Ocean Of Hopes (…Singing…) (2nd edition)
03. First Sight-I (…Her Kiss Tonight)
04. Love Theme-I (I love her…ocean dreaming…)
05. My Wine Is Silence (MY DYING BRIDE cover version)
06. Night Theme-II (…Her Tears In The Night)
07. Wasting Love Theme-I (…My Love Is Dead. Dark Forest)
08. Wasting love Theme-II (…and Waterfall Takes Me Away)
09. Nature Theme-I (…Her Perfect Nature)
10. Etude-I


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