May 17, 2011, 21:07

Julia Polyanskaya is the singer and musical actress, which has a unusual beauty voice and amazing appearance. The winner of awards of the Russian, American and International vocal competitions, and the real member of the worldwide International project «Atlantic breeze» by MAKS-TV in U.S.A. She has a wide musical interests and a large repertoir. It combines in her art - romances, retro Hollywood hits, French chanson, New Age, cover version pop masterpieces and her own lyrical songs. Distribution and managment this singer by WMA label company.

Completed work and recording of a new track «Ancient Worlds» in style of New Age and World music in cooperation with famouse composer and arranger Alexander Mogilco (Moscow City). So Julia Polyanskaya opened her new stage image and brand of «Juliana». Завершилась работа над созданием нового трека «Ancient Worls» в стиле Нью-Эйдж музыки в сотрудничестве с композитором-аранжировщиком в этом жанре Александром Могилко (Москва). Таким образом Юлия Полянская открыла свой новый образ и брэнд «Джулиана».

«Ancient Worlds» (for more info click on illustration):

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