March 31, 2007, 22:02
Конкурс Евровидение '2007 -Март- (Forum Song Contest - FSC 51 March '2007).

На одном из множественных предконкурсов "Евровидения" от России была представлена моя композиция, сделанная совместно с акапеллой SilMi - "LIHE-III (Alexander V.Mogilco feat. SilMi - FSC version)". Стиль - Нью-Эйдж. Это событие стало весьма неожиданным и очень приятным для нас. Особенно радует факт, что стиль в котором я пишу становится более популярным в России и во всем мире. Люди слушают такую музыку все больше и больше.

Страны - участники и результаты конкурса Евровидение '2007 -Март- (места 1-37):

01. Portugal: Nelly Furtado - All good things (come to an end)
02. United Kingdom: Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Catch you
03. Finland: Husky Rescue - Hurricane (don't come knocking)
04. Bulgaria: AVA feat. Star Tattooed - Make me high
05. Estonia: Kaire Vilgats - Morkjad pisarad
06. France: Shy'M - Victoire
07. Norway: Christine Guldbrandsen - Dansekjolen
08. Russia: Alexander Mogilko feat. SiLmi - Light in Her Eyes - III
09. Belgium: Milow - You don't know
10. Denmark: Amin Jensen - It feels right
11. Asia: Liang Jing Ru - Nuan nuan
12. Iceland: Myst - By the river
13. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Zeljko Samardzic - Ne daj da te rade
14. Romania: Sistem - Atingerea ta
15. Spain: NASH - Que sabes del amor
16. Ireland: The Blizzards - Fantasy
17. Sweden: Sebastian - Words & violence
18. Cyprus: Stavros Xatzisavvas - I gkarsoniera
19. Greece: Giorgos Alkaios - Ase me
20. The Netherlands: Jan Smit - Als de morgen is gekomen
21. Turkey: Nil Karaibrahimgil - Yas 18
22. Israel: Sinergia - Ashem
23. Croatia: Hladno Pivo - Sreca
24. Italy: Valentina Gautier - Strega
25. Latvia: Ladybird - Don't stop
26. Malta: Chasing Pandora - Feel the rain
27. Slovenia: Mojca Maljevac & Tina Omerzo Trio - Elda
28. Hungary: Beatman & Ludmilla - Couldn't sleep
29. Belarus: Gera - A river
30. Lithuania: Reda Striskaite - Akimirka
31. Switzerland: Stress feat. Karolyn - Avenues
32. Macedonia: Nokaut - TV radio
33. Montenegro: Flamingosi - Sve nas cure cekaju
34. Poland: Delight - Divided
35. Serbia: Teodora - Kad budes zaspao
36. Armenia: Dikran Bedrosian - Mnam haved
37. Ukraine: Druha Rika - Dennich

Итак, у нас 8-е место.

(Страничка конкурса)

(Мое интервью для конкурса Евровидение '2007 -Март-)

"Light In Her Eyes" is a trilogy. That's how composer describes his work: "Woman's eyes are her main weapon. It's tenderness and charm make men to resign themselves to it just to recieve another light from sweatheart's eyes. This song is dedicated to women." "Light In Her Eyes-III" was recorded with charming vocals of SilMi - a beautiful singer and good friend of Alexandr. Alexandr made a very special version of this song for us, proud FSC members. Let's believe that New Age music will reorganize our souls. And remember, if tommorow you wake up in elated mood, that's all because of positive affect of New Age from Alexandr Mogilco - so don't forget to give Russia for at least a single point!

As you may know, FSC Russia made a special issue for you - to ask any question you want to our March participant. And the answers are waiting you just right here...

Alexandr Mogilko. An interview.

Masha: The first question came from our dear friend from Ukraine. So, Alexandr, what do you think about participating in our contest?

Aleksandr: I'm very glad to take part in this contest for Russia. Especially, our entry is made in style which currently goes forward at a steady gait in Russia - New Age.

M.: Let's go one, what do you think of the way the fame is distributed only among "chosen" and "priviledged" in Russian music industry? I mean those who have producers and money.

A.: Talent is the main thing. Talent and desire for making beautiful music. The real music judges are obssesed not with projects by no means commercial.

M.: What is your way to gain success without becoming the same as the rest of top artists and save you individuality?

A.: You must create what you want to create whatever audience wants to hear in overall. Even if it's not currently fashionable and mainstream. The occasion will appear.

M.: We move one to questions from our friend from Lithuania, Alekas. He asks what style of music do you make and if it's possible to gain success with it in Russia?

A.: The style I'm working in is called New Age. It's popular in some country for a very long time. I'm sure that people of Russia will understand and obsess this type of music very soon.

M.: Would you go mainstream pop if you'd get professional producement?

A.: I have worked with different styles of music. New Age is the most congenial style for me of course, but it doesnt permit me to work in other types of music.

M.: And now we go to question from Michal, our polish friend: What would You prefer: worldwide career or just being popular in Russia, he asks.

A.: Worldwide success if preferable, certainly. Since my music will be recognized by everyone, not only russian citizens.

M.: How much politics are important for You and if the lyrics of Your songs contain any political messages?

A.: No, New Age have nothing with politics. And will never have. It's music of human's unity with nature.

M.: And last question is for SilMi: Do she compose her songs herself and do she sing in any other languages except Russian or English?

A.: SilMi compose splendid music, verses and song lyrics. I have to admit, we are planning to release songs in French and Italian in future.

M.: Well, Alexandr, our questions are over! Thank you very much for your kindly answers. Good luck in our contest!

(Альбом, в который вошла композиция Light in Her Eyes - III)

(Обсуждение результатов конкурса Евровидение '2007 -Март-)

April 3, 2007, 02:35
Желаю успехов на конкурсе !

нужно будет прослушать треки конкурентов )
очень любопытно.

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